The quiet voice doesn't respond and I’m plunged into silence again. I tap my nails on the floor to comfort myself. It’s quite rough and has a few dents in it, I pick at a corner of a ready made hole and pick out a little more. “Concrete?”  I slide my hand onto the wall I’m leaning on; it’s also made out of concrete. Leaning against the wall for support I slide my way up into a standing position and reach up in the hope of finding a ceiling. To my surprise it’s only a few millimeters above my head. Saying a silent thank you prayer that I didn't stand up abruptly, I feel my way across the ceiling. More concrete. Suddenly realization hits that I’m in a room with someone else. But since I’m not dead yet it looks like I’m in a pretty good position, right?  Wait where that thought come from?  Death? No the other one, that they could potentially kill me. Why would I think that. Why did I start feeling around, what was I looking for. “Who am I” I whisper. The voice whispers something I can’t hear again. “What did you say?” It clears its throat. “Ka-“ it coughs “Na-“ it coughs again “Ma” it doesn't say anything else. Kanama? What does that mean? A name? A title? I slide back down to sit. “What is that?”  I ask,  I hear shuffling but can’t make out which part of the room its coming from, it seems to be omnipresent. “It’s your name” says the voice, and before I can say anything else it adds “It’s who you are” It’s seems closer now.  I chew over it a bit. Kanama. I can’t say I don’t like it, it sure has a nice ring to it. “where am I?” Wait. No. Crap, I was supposed to ask their name. “in a room” well gotta admit I deserved that. “how do I get out of the room?” I ask waiting to hear something along the lines of ‘you don’t’. However the voice says “you break it” what’s that supposed to mean. I knock on the wall, the full sound meant that the wall must be really thick. Looks like it was a joke and I can’t get out. I slump down in defeat, I wonder what will happen to me. “just break the wall” says the voice its much clearer now. “What do you expect me to do punch it?” the voice laughs softly, it’s a male voice I’m sure of it now. “no, no you’re Kanama” the voice says. He’s right in front of me. I reach out but don’t touch anything. I could have sworn he was there a second ago. “I know you told me my name, but what does that have to do with anything?” He laughs again to my left, I swat to where it comes from but am greeted by nothing again. “you really have no idea do you” clearly not since I’m asking you urgh. “Well thank god that they appointed me to guide you” wait what. 

“I’m Tedavi, it’s Turkish for treatment” I wait for him to continue. He doesn’t. “Guide me to what?” he chuckles softly “victory of course” what is that supposed to mean? “Well anyway, my name is Tedavi, I was named after what the Gods have gifted me with. Since my name translates to treatment it obviously means that I am able to treat people blah blah blah. Your name is Kanama and you are also gifted. Kanama means bleeding also in Turkish.” I sigh to myself who is this guy? Is he trying to tell me that some Gods have sent me the gift of bleeding? Wow gee thanks Gods, thanks for making me feel special its not like the other 7 billion people on earth can bleed too. “I take it from your silence that you don’t understand” Suddenly I feel a pain in my arm. “Ow man what the hells wrong with you?” I cradle my arm lovingly. “that’s my favourite arm dude” he chuckles again and I notice an orangey faint glow in the shape of two hands. “what the-“ he puts one of the hands over where it hurt on my arm and the pain just stopped. “what the-“ I begin to say again and he cuts me off.. again “that’s my gift, now you need to work on yours” before I can ask how I feel a prick on my finger, I clench my fist and feel blood. “Hey look there’s my gift I’m bleeding” I begin to bring up my hand to lick the blood away, I can feel it’s a habit as I began doing it unconsciously but I am stopped before it reaches my mouth.“As Kanama you are gifted to control your blood in any way you possibly desire” I laugh. “So Mr.Orange Hands how am I supposed to control this blood?” A few seconds pass “How the hell should I know? It kind of just happens” I rub the drying blood into my palm.