I scream into the darkness and suddenly stop. Tedavi is saying something. Where am I? Where WAS I? “shut your eyes” he’s telling me to shut my eyes, why should I shut my eyes? Lights turn on. I cover my eyes. Damn I should have listened to him. Slowly I take my hands away from my face adjusting to the light. I look up and see lots of droplets of red floating around me, little spheres of blood. My blood. I  suddenly feel calm. I’m at peace, a little sleepy. My head hurts. Something else snaps inside, and I stand up, the room is small and empty just me and my blood, no windows no doors and but theres light without a source though, strange. There was someone else in here though. what was his name? I can’t remember anymore. But I’m starting to remember everything else. My headache is beginning  to be more uncomfortable now as more information starts flooding in. what I had for breakfast a few days ago, peaking over someones shoulder to see their credit card pin, stealing a loaf of bread from an elderly woman and feeling guilty about it. There are also other things, so many other things. And this room it’s so small. Too small for all of these feelings, these memories. I need fresh air. I need to get out. I stand in the middle of the room beads of sweat trickling down my forehead. I’ve also remembered what I need to do. And no matter how thick these walls are they won’t be able to stop me. Nothing will stop me. I am Kanama Vandeguard. I am one of the gifted hundred. And I will kill Azrail. I taste the coppery blood in my mouth and watch the blood spheres sink into the concrete through tiny cracks. I wait for them to begin expanding. The cracks forming in the walls grow larger and more appear with every second. After a minute the walls give way and tumble down, the blood returns and forms a flat square barrier above my head to keep the ceiling from falling and crushing me. I walk out from under it waiting for the dust to drop so I can view my surroundings. I leave the blood where it is, I had to dry it to protect myself and its now useless.

As the dust drops I look around.  Turns out that I was held in an abandoned warehouse in the docks, someone built a 6 by 4 box room to hold me in and then added more and more concrete to the sides so I wouldn’t be able to break out, even with tools It would take years or even be impossible to survive in as lack of oxygen would have become a problem. I guess that’s why I started to feel woozy. As I walk out the warehouse the sea wind ruffles my dirty crumpled clothes and I breathe in the salty air then on command yawn, stretch and click my back, then neck, then fingers. It’s one of the many annoying habits I have and that’s why I have no friends. I rub my forehead with my fingers getting rid of the remains of the headache. Whoever did this will pay but first I will find you Azrail, and I will take back what’s mine. After I rip out your soul, soak it in your blood and paint my victory on everything you ever held precious of course. I spot a city out of the corner of my eye and my stomach grumbles in response. I’ll do that after I eat. You can’t kill with an empty stomach. My stomach grumbles again in agreement. I sigh, fingers entwined behind my head I walk out of the docks and towards the centre of the city. I catch a few strange looks from people surrounding me. I should probably buy some new clothes now that I think about it, these seem to be a bit worn out. And by ‘buy’ I mean steal because who has time for the government and money when you need to get your ability to age and die back. Trust me, waking up in a morgue gets boring after the 30th time its happened and staying 17 forever isn’t as fun as people think it is. Plus I have other reasons to die for. My stomach grumbles again. Urgh life is a pain.