I rub the drying blood into my palm “I’m so lucky to have you as a guide” I mumble. “try to think really deeply about a shape or something and use the blood to create it, something cliché like they do in films” I consider wishing to strangle him but don’t want to be responsible for that so instead concentrate on a sphere, a sphere shouldn’t be too hard, its basically a droplet of blood. I close my eyes and think really hard about the small slither of blood turning into a small ball. “try to feel it” whispers Tedavi. I concentrate on the blood as a ball some more.

I stop. Something broke inside me. Like a rubber band snapping. I feel like I’m crying but when I touch my face I’m not. I hear a plate crash then another. Its suddenly bright and I am looking through watery eyes. What where am I. “come here little girly we won’t hurt you we promise” who is that? What’s happening? I back out a bit. I’m on my stomach under something, a bed? What am I doing under a bed? My feet hit a wall. They’re bare and I can feel the same roughness of that room. Concrete. I look out from under the bed, a pair of boots is moving around, I can hear things being taken out of cabinets and thrown onto the floor. Why am I not doing anything? Hair starts falling into my eyes but Instead of pushing it behind my ear I look down at my hands. They’re tiny and red holding a little wooden box which someone told me to never open until the last moment. The last moment of what?  What’s happening? I softly shake out the hair from my eyes and look out again the floor is littered with my belongings but the boots have disappeared. I start crawling out slowly. Wait no. Stop. Stay under the bed. Why am I moving? Why can’t I control myself? I’m out from under the bed. Strong hands grab my shoulders. I drop the box and it lands open. I hear the person say shit and let go of me, I turn around to see where they’ve gone and suddenly everything hurts. I scream.